Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fleas? in January??

I was doing some research on Google the other day and noticed that searches for information about flea control has its peak in June in the United States. This is logical since flea problems do peak in the warm summer months. I, however, also have noticed a small rise in animals with flea allergies or flea infestations in December and January. Owners are always surprised when I comb through their pet's coat and pull out a few live fleas or some dirts. I remind them that when the central heating comes on in these cold months, it seems to stimulate an emergence of juvenile fleas that have been pupated in the carpet or upholstery of the house.

I always recommend that ANY pet that is allergic to flea saliva should be on effective flea control every month throughout the entire year. It is also useful to use a product that incorporates an insect growth regulator whenever possible to reduce or eliminate the flea burden in the environment. (See also previous post on flea control.)

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