Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Claim to Fame... or Not!

A different kind of post today: one of a more personal nature...

A new series started tonight on ITV (Channel 3 in the UK). It is called Prehistoric Park and is on Saturdays at 6:50pm. I imagine in a couple months it will air in the US on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or some similar channel.
(See the ITV website for more details)

My claim to fame, however, is that I auditioned for it, believe it or not. They had advertised in one of the vet mags for a female vet with acting experience. That's me, so I sent in an audition DVD. Unfortunately I wasn't chosen, so you can imagaine the eagerness with which I watched tonight's opening episode. The vet they've chosen is a woman named Suzanne and I don't know anything else about her. She only had a few short scenes in tonight's episode, so we'll see if she plays more of a role in the future ones.


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